Puppy Training Products and Services

Puppy School is an established network of puppy training class tutors. At our puppy training classes, only kind, effective techniques are used and puppies are 'educated' to have good manners, be friendly with adults, children and other dogs, and to respond to commands. Puppy School training classes are of the highest standard and our professional tutors make our classes stimulating and fun for owners and puppies.


If classes aren’t your thing why not contact us and we can tailor a personalised training package to suit your unique requirements. In the comfort of your own home or in the park where you normally walk, one to one training provides you with individual attention to make sure you and your dog achieve the most from training.


The development of behaviour problems such as aggression towards people and/or dogs, sound phobias, housetraining problems, destruction or excessive vocalisation can lead to a breakdown in relationships and to dogs being rehomed. Dealing with behaviour problems involves understanding the underlying motivations and addressing these in order to change the behaviour.