Quotes Very thorough, precise instructions given, plus encouragement at all times to Bella and most importantly to us as owners! Quotes
Bella's owner
Puppy School Client

Quotes Would definitely be worth it for your puppy. Learnt a lot of new things I wouldn't have known otherwise! Great value for money. Quotes
Mitzi's owner
Puppy School Client

Quotes Very clear and precise training, made great fun for puppy and owner. Quotes
Fluffy Poppy's owner
Puppy School Client

Quotes If you love your puppy, you will love this course! An essential start to your new dog. We loved it. Quotes
Poppy and Richard
Puppy School Client

Quotes We enjoyed the course very much. Every wednesday evening was our favourite time. Thank you so much! Quotes
Happy puppy school graduate
Puppy school Client

Quotes My dog and family found the sessions very enjoyable and looked forward to it every week. Quotes
Lulu's owner
Puppy School Client

Quotes Nathalie has a very upbeat and friendly manner which made all the sessions fun - even after a very hectic day when my energy levels were low! Nathalie quickly responded to my concerns and visited us at home to iron out a few issues. Thank you Nathalie Quotes
Very satisfied puppy owner
Puppy school client

Quotes Having a large breed puppy, training was most definitely a must. This class was both fun and educational, with a great teacher. Highly recommended! Quotes
Satisfied puppy parent
Puppy sSchool client

Quotes Cookie absolutely loved puppy school and he will miss his wednesday night training which always just felt like fun playing with the other puppies. Nathalie was fantastic and so knowledgable - she made learning fun for Cookie and we would recommend to all. Quotes
Cookies parents
Pupp school client

Quotes Molly totally enjoyed her puppy school experience. She loved meeting the other puppies and playing alongside them. We noticed a massive improvement in her behaviour and she really responded well to Nathalie. Quotes
Molly's owner
Puppy School Client
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