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Posted by Sociable Paws on November 24, 2011 at 9:10 PM

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We love Jesse! Dog training shouldn't be about having the perfect dog but a fun dog who can be a part of your family and life. All of the tricks and tasks that Jesse does can be trained using positive reward based methods. 

If you want to achieve some of the tricks above you will need to teach your dog a few basics to progress with. Teaching a "touch" is a useful cue and dogs can pick it up very easily. Have a sticker or disc that you can hold in your hand. Place it infront of your puppy who should naturally investigate it. As soon as your puppy's nose touches it reward with a treat. Repeat this a few times so that your puppy learns that touching that disc is like pressing the button to a treat dispenser!

After a few sessions of touching the disc, start to move it around, initially only a little movement but then gradually work towards a greater distance from where you are so that your puppy is actively having to move towards the disc.

You can then use this to teach your dog to nudge a draw shut or a door! Stick the disc onto a draw and open it just slightly, wait for your puppy to nudge and then reward, once your puppy has got the hang of this only reward those attempts where your puppy has put some pressure on the draw making it move.

Put the behaviour on cue by adding in a "shut it" just as your puppy approaches the draw. If your puppy has associated the verbal cue with the action you might be able to remove the disc all together but another option is to slowly and gradually make the disc smaller until it's no longer there!

Remember, only reward if the behaviour is carried out after you've asked it otherwise your puppy might just decide to shut a drawer whilst your fingers are inside it!

Post us pics / videos of what your puppy can do!

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